new auth with 2FA - account locked false positive, possible interference with tapatalk?

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Hi Folks,


After the recent change in authentication policy, when I return to the Forum with the same Browser, that has been previously authenticated with, the login would simply not happen.

Trying to re-login properly, including 2FA, would result in a "your account has been locked - try again in 1min" message.

After waiting 5mins or so, reopening the browser will result in a proper login state, without the need to re-login/auth again.

So this is kind of a false positive, isn't it?


This now did happen to me twice during the last week....all I can think of, what might be interfering, is that this only happened when I was using tapatalk (even possibly from the same IP (ISP, with NAT - using Phone with tapatal first in WLAN, then moving on to the PC) shortly beforehand.


With the recent change in auth policy, do I have to change/re-new the auth-link with/from within tapatalk, maybe?

Tapatalk used to work without intervention, even after the change in auth policy, so far...but this behaviour above implies that something is wrong with that.




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On 3/12/2023 at 8:46 AM, Ford Prefect said:

With the recent change in auth policy, do I have to change/re-new the auth-link with/from within tapatalk,

After the recent change in forum authentication and setting a new password, I can also no longer log into the Unraid forums via Tapatalk.  I thought maybe it was because of 2FA so I turned that off temporarily and it made no difference.


Every attempt to login to forums via Tapatalk results in a "Login In Failed" message.  I even logged out and logged back in via to make sure I am using the right password.  I am.

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33 minutes ago, Hoopster said:

I can also no longer log into the Unraid forums via Tapatalk.

My problem is/was different...Auth with tapatalk is working fine (but I did not reset my pwd after the latest auth policy change, just added 2FA).

It is, only after I used tapatalk, previousy existing, authenticated sessions in a browser on another device/client would respond with "account locked", which is a false positive.

Havn't seen this during the last week, although I did use tapatalk sometimes...maybe a glitch or solved silently.


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@SpencerJ any news on that topic, regarding tapatalk integration?

Actually the problem from above did not happen again for a while, but after an update of the tapatalk App (Androd) today, I cannot login (Forum User Name and Password) anymore.

However, accessing the forum anonymously from the App is working, still.

Also no problem using a PC / Browser after the false login attempts via tapatalk....maybe this is another problem altogether?

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