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Mini SAS Cable at Monoprice out till Aug 31


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Hi all I was rechecking my order and noticed that I only ordered one cable instead of the four Mini Sas cables that Raj recommends on his build page. I went to Monoprice to reorder the other 3 and they are out of cables until Aug 31. Well I found this site Cable Matters and wanted to make sure before I clicked buy that this was the right cable.


I look forward to your help. Also, I just wanted to say I truly appreciate all the help I have gotten. Thanks for helping this old Marine out.



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Did you get this cable to work?  I bought this and mine doesn't.  I'm wondering if it's a reverse breakout cable!

Someone else on on these boards had issues too..  I have nothing to compare it against so I don't know.  It's a new SASLP card and a new cable.



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