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  1. @Nightshade So, I kind of got it to run, what I did was take the exhaust fan of the Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3, and placed that on CPU0-fan, then I placed the intake fan of the Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3, and placed that on FAN2. I made the following policy; So what I gathered was the Reference is the Temp, and the Duty% is the fan speed. So for the example above I have CPU0 Fan to the exhaust and Fan2 Fan the intake of the CPU, I also added Fan1 as the exhaust of the chassis in this Profile. In the Policy Reference Table it's saying if the temp (Reference 0) reaches 25C then set the fan (Duty%) to 50 percent and so on and so on. Before I figured this out, I was getting the CPU with a fan speed of 150rpm, right now it's a 1050rpm. (see below) As you can see, CPU0_FAN, SYS_FAN1, SYS_FAN2, are the Exhaust CPU cooler, Exhaust Chassis Fans, and Intake CPU cooler, respectively. I hope this helps you understand it a little better. Now I haven't been able to figure out how to get Fan 4 & 5 work off the HD temps. I haven't had success in trying to create another Fan profile run together. If there is anyone that knows how to use the BMC management please, I would appreciate all help.
  2. I wrote to Gigabyte and this is what they sent me. I won't be able to test this out until much later. Let me know how it works out for you.
  3. Hello All, I just purchased the following; Gigabyte MZ32-AR0 v3 Epyc 7313P (3) Noctuas NF-A14 (3) Noctua NF-F12 Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3 (2) Noctua NF-A8 PWM (2) Pack PWM Fan Hub Splitter 1 to 5 Splitter I have a similar setup a Supermicro 4U chassis, in my sig. I have the 140s in the front, the 120s in the middle, and the 80s as the exhaust. I'm curious how to control these fans. I've used SuperMicro in the past, you could see it in my sig, but never a Gigabyte Server Board. I appreciate any and all help. BTW, I was curious if I could control the fans via BMC Management. I'm still waiting for the memory to come in but I figured I start this thread now so I can have a head start. Thanks for all the help.
  4. @Frank1940 Thank you so much for your input, and heck yeah I want to learn more. I first got on board with UNRaid when the site was Limetech, and they sent out a USB with a Limetech sticker which I still have on my server since '09. Setting it up back then I wasn't as security conscious and just had my blurays and DVDs I ripped on it to play on Kodi. But now, it's time to retire my Norco, and with that times have changed and I want to do things the right way for '22. I appreciate all any input you are willing to share, as I have tons of questions, and almost feel embarrassed about the questions, being such a long time user. Here's a pic of the Norco and the Limetech sticker;
  5. Well since I know that it only applies to people on the network I was thinking of the UnRaid Server Security Best Practices I read. Here's a snippet of the article; Restrict Share Access Use Read-Only shares whenever possible! Create other Users on your Unraid server and set the appropriate share access for each user. If particular users don't need write access, make them read-only. That's why I figured at the very least most everything should be read-only.
  6. @Kilrah, thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me, I just got the aha moment. lol. So at the very least everything should be read-only then as opposed to just Public then correct?
  7. Good Afternoon All, I am trying to understand SMB security, as I am retiring a server and am going to build a new one in a few weeks. To be honest I never touched SMB Security because as most here I followed videos and shares were mostly created as Public and I left it that way. I am the only one that does any admin work on my servers, no one has access other than to watch Emby, or Plex. With that being said then all of my shares should be Private then correct? OR do I need some to be Public for Apps to use them? Allow me to clarify. If I have a Downloads share should that be private or does it have to be public so that apps like Sonarr or Radarr to work properly? I never gave it much thought as I always had password to login, but after reading about attacks on UNRaid users it got me thinking, and here I am asking those smarter than me to help me understand exactly how it works. I did read several threads here but for some reason it just wasn't clicking. (I didn't get that aha moment yet) Thanks for the help, in advance.
  8. Hello All, I just purchased a Supermicro 4U 24 Bay LFF E ATX Storage Chassis 12Gbps 846BE1C-R1K28B, and I am looking for a motherboard and cpu. The chassis is coming with two SQ power supplies. I am going to make this my main server, and make my existing Supermicro X10SRL-F a backup. I am also going to retire the Norco. I will be using this server for the following; - Sonarr, Radarr, TDarr Dockers - Cloudflare - NginxProxy - Emby - Nextcloud I will add a few VMs as well. I will be adding the following hardware; - (2) NVMEs for cache (I have a 2TB Crucial P5+ and a 1TB 980 Samsung Pro) - (1) 12 TB Ironwolf Pro (Parity Drive) - (10) 10 TB Ironwolf Pros (Data) I saw this Motherboard on a Reddit post that seemed to fit my needs but wasn't sure. Gigabyte C246-WU4 (rev 1.0) I already have 128gb ECC Ram so I'm covered on that front If you have any suggestions for the DATA drives I'm more than open to it. I'm trying to keep the heat down and I know the 7200rpm disks may cause extra heat. How much I'm not certain of maybe you guys could help on that I also know I need a card for the chassis but I don't know which one. I am going to need a board that has a few 16x pcie slots. One for the LSI card, my Quardro p2000, and a slot for the 10gb nic card should the mobo not have a 10gb nic card in it. I hope I provided everyone with enough information to help me. Thanks to all of you in advance.
  9. @tmchowWhat did you end up doing? I'm curious as I am in a similar position, and would love to hear what you settled on.
  10. So I lost my data then and shouldn't try the link you sent me? If that is the case do I just need to wipe the sdj1 disk now and start over? I thought there was data on that drive. Thank you JorgeB, I was able to get some of the files back following that link you provided.
  11. So, here's a question for you. The sdo1 drive that I made and put into a Cache pool, I'm going to have to remove it from the cache pool and try to mount it back to the unassigned drive pool that I didn't even know I had. I do appreciate all the help you've given me. All I want is to try and get my data. Thanks again.
  12. JorgeB, thanks again, I misunderstood I don't know the drive that was missing as I had only 1 unassigned drive which was sdj1. The only thing I could think of is I had a drive (sdo) that I made into a cache pool the other day, but I never had the unassigned drive in a pool though.
  13. Thanks again for the response JorgeB, below is the output; Thank you for the help dlandon, Those two drives are my cache pools, and they are working ok. The sdj1 is my Unassigned Drive, and it wouldn't be much of an issue but I have emby and nextcloud on there. Where would I take that screen shot from?
  14. It is connected, that's weird it was working fine before I had that root password problem. Then I followed the lost root password guide, rebooted and I couldn't mount it after that.
  15. Thank you once again JorgeB, here is a pic and output of disk in question: Thank you again for all your help.
  16. dlandon, thank you for the response, I updated the preclear plugin as you suggested, and I rebooted, and still can't mount the unassigned drive. Any thoughts, and thank you so much below is the diagnostics file I just took after the reboot and trying to mount the unassigned drive. JorgeB, thank you for the response, I have that drive back in the pool can you let me know if that error still exists in the diagnostics file? Thank you both again for helping me.
  17. Good Evening, Earlier today I had a problem with SMBPASSED DATABASE CORRUPT, and as per I followed the Lost root password guide and deleted the following files; config/passwd config/shadow config/smbpasswd I now can not mount my unassigned disk. I have provided my diagnostics file below. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  18. Trurl, thanks for the reply, I was actually doing a test on tdarr and used that as a t--p share, I don't need it anymore so I'll remove it.
  19. I appreciate the help, I'm just waiting for my server to power down.
  20. Thank you so much for the quick response JorgeB, I'll do that now and get back if I have a problem. Just out of curiosity though, any idea why I'm getting all those writes all of a sudden, is it the corrupt smbpasswd? Thanks Wil.
  21. Hello All, I am hoping to get some help. I noticed that my cache was filling up and is being written to along with some disks on the array (see pic below) I checked the syslog and saw line below a lot; build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is corrupt! username root with uid 0 is not in unix passwd database! Does anyone know how to fix this? I am submitting a copy of the log file. I only have a few dockers, radarr, sonarr, tdarr, emby, nginx, mariadb, nextcloud and cloudflare. I just checked and don't have Ftp enabled nor do I have telnet enabled. I am submitting a copy of the diagnostics log file below. Thank you in advance.
  22. Ok so with a little help from someone at TrueNas, I was able to figure out that there are two zones. I used this to find out how from console; (These are the commands that worked for my Mobo in my sig) I ran ipmitool sdr | grep FAN that gave me the Fan headers and the RPMs I then set Zone1 to 100% ipmitool raw 0x30 0x70 0x66 0x01 0x00 100 then I set the duty cycle for Zone1 to 50% ipmitool raw 0x30 0x70 0x66 0x01 0x00 50 I then checked the fan speed with ipmitool sdr | grep FAN It showed Fans1-4 to be at 50% I then increased Zone1 to 100% and proceeded to put Zone2 to 100% ipmitool raw 0x30 0x70 0x66 0x01 0x01 100 I then dropped Zone2 to 50% (just change 0x00 to 0x01) I then found Fans5-8 to be Zone2. So with that out of the way, here is my problem, I don't have a FANA, and that doesn't show up when I installed the plugin. Is there something I can do to configure it to see Zone2 (Fans5-8)? I appreciate all the help.
  23. Hello All, I'm on a freshly installed UNRaid build, and tried installing IPMITool, and when I try to run a command from the console I get the following error, Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0: No such file or directory I ensured that I checked it to on and it shows that it is on but isn't there, anyone else run into this?
  24. Hello All, I just got my hands on a 2U Supermicro Ultra 6028U-TR4+ with X10DRU-i+. On this server I have the latest UNRaid version, I don't have a FANA or FANB, I have Fans 1-8, I was able to kind of get a few fans working right, but two, which were screaming like banshees. The stock fans run at 9500rpm, if I could get them down to 3000rpms that would be gravy but I'd take 3500rpms. I have looked at the config file to see if I could make sense, of the fan threshold configs, but I'm going to be honest, it's just not making sense to me. If anyone would spare sometime to break it down for an old guy like me, I'd be more than grateful. Thanking you all in advance. (before I forget, I initially was able to see the Reading tab, then I couldn't anymore)
  25. After upgrading to 24.01 I'm getting this Integrity error ( see below ) Technical information ===================== The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix them. Results ======= - openotp_auth - INVALID_HASH - vendor/autoload.php - vendor/composer/autoload_real.php - vendor/composer/autoload_static.php - vendor/composer/installed.php Raw output ========== Array ( [openotp_auth] => Array ( [INVALID_HASH] => Array ( [vendor/autoload.php] => Array ( [expected] => f5a41293b34793060b5e6060a297c706445208d97e5c90de46ed2c1e1df6c424e2907bf5207eb530c71ddf00478b812efd219e155cf5fcdc38e6d65ea428637a [current] => 660a73bf37427c5545c93edd8f8f46c25adbbf4c8584a2b5655ea0ae149ce09a67d9e831ccbe7ac2ece39386e8aa44ce4ee12de30f8e924523278b6b8d883d4d ) [vendor/composer/autoload_real.php] => Array ( [expected] => 6a47d948441204a61bc1672c1f1b3182e0754a780273f477bae7e08115a0ad5039e111c373a27c3676d5734f5bb0da0fac710f33008ea01d38face8fd6d567d9 [current] => c2ec4555396b06b813b920c1ae756344265af2e2c81209c1ef92d9fd5c30f07d87736e8fb5c486b6a18654a1e0801eafce2572a7c7d0238a38665f0145913e9d ) [vendor/composer/autoload_static.php] => Array ( [expected] => ff928dc7f4a797a8cb4b546815ec34594b0a3609265b5c40e52aae40ab364c3a55a7872bcd1dac8e05eab6c041fa354a658dbe76ea4379d333c6cdfc655fea28 [current] => dd57695a595bd4f142fc8944d96aba5c5aa92169421c287c7e5b588b9c2f81b8ed92e0b77c056f6b6f08a5d35f2301e703e1e8f8514c363db02dd2716b3d5306 ) [vendor/composer/installed.php] => Array ( [expected] => fad34430e38eca6338a4b6d45da117c5c43b5f8926066b6589d5fa6825bfaaa56855b384b43a9a3056280d647c4f2332c3f3618c48ed515750e1ad14b41bdee6 [current] => 352f51f9e3c25a8497e2bd0b936dbfea4823355eb298ab857b87ec98fae2db69b0460048fe341e620e44c07437aa3df4b40d5961e216d13c353aea0c92118079 Anyone have any ideas on how I can square this away? I checked the documentation but all it posted ws about /index.php and /version.php. I'm not sure how to fix the above ones I have. Thanks in advance.