ZFS cache pool... hundeds of datasets!

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So as I said in an older thread, I converted my cache pool (single M2) to ZFS.

Everything works fine (had some minor issues but ok).

Cache usage show normal, about what it was before going ZFS.


But I did a "zfs list" and then verified with ZFS Master plugin, in my pool I see my normal few folders (which are not datasets AFAIK), BUT also see a few hundreds (!!!) of "legacy" datasets with names like "03747e08c1b7e6ab35ac74dc6c1538c83b1916185c5e4311e5899ec3d6911397"!

They also seem to be... snapshots?
(I never made snapshots myself)


What do I do, how do I clean those?

They don't show in normal folder listing.



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14 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

That will happen if you use a docker folder with zfs, it's a zfs issue, you can use an xfs or btrfs image on zfs to avoid that.


I do use a docker image.

Is this an issue? Or just cosmetic?


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5 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

You mean folder? If yes it's mostly cosmetic, though I believe some users reported some performance issues if you start having hundreds of them.



Yes I mean folder, sorry. :D

I have hundreds (maybe 250?) but I haven't noticed performance differences.

I do think ZFS might be overkill for this though.
Maybe I should revert to btrfs, although not very easy with all the VMs and containers.


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