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Feature Request: User Permissions for all the things!

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I am running a game server in a container, I was thinking about how it would be nice to be able to give someone else the ability to login and perform a restart of a container, and then I got to thinking that UnRaid could have a full User Permission system, which could be handled via the GUI. (CLI too of course)


Imagine a world...


Where you could assign users granular permissions to VM's, Containers, plugins and other permissions. Users with limited rights would only see GUI access for objects they have rights to view.


  • Permission to Manage\edit a specific container or multiple containers.
  • Permission to add a new container.
  • Permission to stop\restart a container.
  • Permission to see container logs.


Virtual Machines

  • Permission to Manage\edit a specific VM or multiple VMs.
  • Permission to provision a new VM.
  • Permission to stop\restart a VM.
  • Permission to see VM logs.



  • Permission to install plugins
  • Permission to remove plugins.


Unraid Settings:

  • Granular user permissions to allow the ability to manage the array. Start/Stop the array.


Essentially extend user permissions past the file system into every aspect of Unraid.


Etc, so on and so forth.


Now tell me why my idea is a horrible one and I should have never had it :D

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