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  1. Hello, I am interested in using the following script with this docker container: Plex Autoscan I am concerned that if I go through the install and configuration, that it will just be overwritten the next time the docker is updated. Is there a way for me to do this? Thanks
  2. Having issues with Plex Loading after upgrading to newest version: Docker appears to be running, but when I visit the URL via a browser, I just get an empty white page and in chrome the spinning circle in the tab. Tried firefox and that also failed. False alarm, rebooted my local machine and this resolved my issue. Kinda weird, but I'm happy it fixed it.
  3. I think I found the answer to my problems, it just took the right google keywords. https://wiki.unraid.net/Make_unRAID_Trust_the_Parity_Drive,_Avoid_Rebuilding_Parity_Unnecessarily Gonna try this, wish me luck.
  4. Hello! On the 1st of the month I ran a parity check which completed with no errors. Today I replaced my existing 12TB Parity Drive with a 14TB Parity drive, and started a rebuild. Wouldn't you know about 5 min into rebuilding my parity, Disk 5 is now showing a sector problem and 165 errors. I stopped the parity rebuild. Powered down the system, took out the 14TB Drive, and put my 12TB drive with valid parity back into the system, the system is not giving me the checkbox to mark Parity as valid, even though I know it is with this 12tb Parity drive. Because of this, I have not yet started the array. What is the best way to tell unraid that parity is valid again, so that I can replace my disk 5 first, before proceeding with increasing the size of my parity drive later? Don't want to loose any data. Thanks
  5. I do, but that shouldn't be an issue right? Why is Sabnzbd reporting the array free space wrong?
  6. Hello, I have Unraid 6.6.6 I have Sabnzbd 2.3.5 It is reporting incorrect Values for Free Space. Any ideas on how to correct? Thanks
  7. Solved my issue! My SSD is a Samsung 860 1TB. My Motherboard's chipset is AMD SB950. Apparently there is an issue with Samsung 860 EVO SSDs and the AMD 9XX Chipsets. In my system of 24 drives I have an LSI HBA card which handles 16 drives with SAS-8087 connectors. And I use reverse breakout cables to Sata on my motherboard controller. I simply swapped my Cache Drive onto a port handled by the LSI Controller and this immediately solved my problem. Thanks!
  8. My reverse breakout cables came, I swapped them out, I am still getting the error but on a different port ata3 (now) vs ata6 (before), so this says to me the issue is probably my backplane, as I know I did not plug the new breakout cables in exactly the same ports as the previous. I've ordered a new backplane, hopefully that will resolve my issue.
  9. Hello, My Cache Drive is showing an exclamation mark on it, the value "UDMA CRC error count" has increasingly gone up. This was happening to the previous drive, and I upgraded it from a 500 Gig SSD to a 1 TB SSD and the issue is still occurring. I have done some research and the result of the research is people saying that the SATA cable is bad. I use a Norcotek case and use 4 SAS 8087 cables from my LSI card to my backplane, and 2 reverse breakout cables from my 8 onboard sata ports to my backplane. I suspect that one of the reverse breakout cables may be bad, and have ordered 2 new ones. However I am posting here just in case anyone has any better ideas. unraid-diagnostics-20181013-2043.zip
  10. Hello, I am interested in using "Lock for Plex" https://forestfirefly.github.io/lockforplex/ I have installed the plugin but I get errors during the installation of the install.sh script because the docker doesn't seem to be to keen on the use of sudo. I tried removing the sudo commands from the install.sh script, but that didn't seem to resolve the issue either. The plugin is available in plex but the locking just doesn't appear to work. Additionally the file wants to restart the service "plexmediaserver" but that doesn't appear to work inside the docker, as it appears some other modification was made, and I don't know enough linux to determine what that is. Here is the contents of the install.sh script I am trying to run. #!/bin/bash # Init FILE="/tmp/out.$$" GREP="/bin/grep" #.... # Make sure only root can run our script if [[ $EUID -ne 0 ]]; then echo "This script must be run as root" 1>&2 exit 1 fi cd "/config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins" sudo chown -R plex:plex Lock_for_Plex.bundle cd "/config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/Lock_for_Plex.bundle/Contents/Resources/lock_support/" sudo a+x lock.sh sudo a+x unlock.sh sudo a+x sqlite3 service plexmediaserver restart Any help is appreciated.
  11. Issue ended up being that the drive was from an old mirrored array, and for some reason unRaid GUI (I was too lazy to try to wipe it using CLI) could see the filesystem but could not remove it. I put the drive into windows and dumped the volume on the drive, and put it back into unRaid and this solved my issue. Thanks!
  12. Found a similar post and they concluded that swapping out the SATA cable fixed the issue. I will try this and report back with logs if it doesn't work.
  13. Hello, I am working on configuring a new server. All my drives are populated. I installed the Preclear and Unsassigned devices plugins. All my drives but one have a the option to initiate a preclear. Any ideas why this one drive isn't giving me the option?
  14. I love unraid and docker, and have used both now enough that I have several services which Unraid is providing: Plex - x.x.x.x:32400/web/index.html Deluge - x.x.x.x:8112 CouchPotato - x.x.x.x:5050 Ubooquity - x.x.x.x:2202 You get the idea. I am looking for a better solution of accessing these services via dns or aggregate webpage that has links to all of these. Plex.domain.com deluge.domain.com couchpotato.domain.com Does anyone have a solution, is there a docker out there that can act as a sort of visual link to each which doesn't require logging into unraid? Or is there a docker that acts like a URL re-writer like nginx can, but is easy to use cause I don't understand how to perform url re-writing. Thanks!