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  1. Hey @JorgeB, Just want to say I was able to pop both of my previous 8TB drives back into my array, did what you suggested and it worked! I was able to restore my array, thanks a ton dude!
  2. The data on the array has changed. Could you help me by sharing the steps to put in my last drive so that I only loose the data that was on disk 7? Thanks!
  3. Hi Jorgeb, unfortunately I can't, the array doesn't see the drive, it shows as missing. Basically the behavior I see by the drive is that it spins up, is seen by the bios in post but then becomes unresponsive when the os loads. Happens in windows too. I can see the disk in disk manager after I boot as uninitialized disk, but then I do a rescan, and It disappears.
  4. Hello, Please forgive me I posted another post but deleted it thinking I had found the issue I had a drive fail on me lets call this (Drive B), while rebuilding parity on another drive (Drive A). Drive A was being rebuilt due to a size upgrade from 8tb to 14tb. I still have the old 8tb drive A. I would like to know the best way to fix my issue with as little data loss as possible. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I am going to lose data. Thanks
  5. I pulled the drive from the array, and plugged it into a desktop, and it seems to spin up (for some reason the drive isn't being detected by the server) at this point I think that there is some other issue such as a cable or port problem and not actually a failed drive.
  6. Hello, I replaced an 8TB Drive with a 14tb drive, and while rebuilding, a separate 14tb drive failed on me. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm probably going to lose data, what would be the best steps to resolve this situation with as little data loss as possible? My hope is that I can put the 8TB i had back into the array, and use the drive I was going to use as an upgrade to now instead replace the newly failed 14tb drive, but im unsure if this is possible. Thank You
  7. Thank You, I ended up rolling back to a previous version and its working now. Must be an issue with the release.
  8. Hi, After updating to I appear to be unable to play files in firefox or edge. I am able to navigate plex, and click into the info screens for items, but I cannot play an item. I click play and nothing happens. It looks like the browser registers the click but nothing changes. Chrome works just fine with no issues. I have tested on multiple computers. Any ideas, I have removed all ad blockers, and cleared my cookies, etc.
  9. Hello, I am receiving the following error after updating the plex docker to the latest build after upgrading Unraid to 6.9.1. docker: Error response from daemon: Unknown runtime specified nvidia I am running the nvidia driver plugin Any assistance would be appreciated. EDIT: It looks like it was the driver version which was causing the issue. I downgraded the nvidia drivers back down to v455.45.01 and Plex is working again.
  10. Hello Hoopster, Just want to close the loop and let you know that your advice absolutely worked, I have upgraded unraid to 6.9 and confirmed plex is working with hardware decoding after the upgrade. Huge Thank You 😀
  11. Hello, I am a user of the Unraid Nvidia Plugin which now appears to have been deprecated and has a locked thread. I am currently on Unraid 6.8.3 From what I remember it was not safe to just apply an upgrade of Unraid while having this Plugin installed. You needed to make sure you updated the OS via the plugin with another Nvidia Unraid OS build, or use the plugin to revert to a non-nvidia os build of Unraid, prior to using the embeded "Update OS" option in the Unraid GUI. I would like to upgrade to the Nvidia Unraid build to 6.9, however my linuxserver
  12. Just want to give an update. After putting the 6TB back in, and rebuilding parity, i booted the array to maintenance mode, and ran an 'xfs_repair -n' I received a notice that the drive had valuable journal logs that need to be written back to the array and that I should try to mount the drive first. I tried and the drive would not mount. Therefore I ran an 'xfs_repair -L' and zeroed the log. I then was able to mount the drive, it doesn't look like i suffered any/much corruption. Once my array was healthy I then replaced the 6TB drive with a 14TB drive and it's rebuildin
  13. Ok, my problem has come back so let me try to explain in the best way possible to solve this issue. Originally: I had some issue which corrupted my filesystem on drive md19. I hadn't fully realized this and I pulled the drive to replace it with a larger drive. After this my array showed I lost a bunch of files. I stopped the rebuild, pulled the new drive (14tb) put the old drive back in (6tb), did a new config, and started the rebuild back. All my files suddenly returned that were lost on that drive. Now: My drive is rebuilding using the original drive(6TB) w