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SMB Share Permissions with extra user

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I'm new to Unraid and a bit confused about the permissions for files. I created a separate user just for SMB access on my PC. I gave him Read/Write rights for a user share.


My files in this folder have different permissions. I don't know. Happend after migration from another server.




Its only important that the other permission is set to Read/Write. Otherwise it won't work. But why? I thought I got a user for that. Okay it's not the owner but why does it not belong to the group? Seems strange to me.

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SMB can be strange (it's a Microsoft product). What is your end goal?... Sharing what with who?


You show sharing your "appdata" folder and that's not a great idea unless your someones kid hacking Daddy's (edit: or Mommy's) Unraid server.



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The permissions on the appdata folder are determined by the Docker Containers and not by Unraid itself so it is not a good example to use for typical Unraid permissions.   Changing these permissions can have adverse affects on the containers.  The permissions containers set may also preclude the files being editable at the SMB level.  


If you have the Dynamix File Manager plugin installed then it can edit text files anywhere within the Unraid file system including within the appdata share.

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"appdata", as a 'Share' is a special animal that stores information about Docker applications.  I have never heard of a reason that anyone has to be able to access it via SMB.  In fact, unless you have a very special reason for doing so, you are best served by not doing so.  If there should be a Docker app that does allow user access to information stored in appdata via SMB, it should have already setup the proper permissions in its portion of the 'appdata' file structure.  


The only shares that you should ever share via SMB are the ones listed by this command:

ls -al /mnt/user0


Messing around with the permissions in 'appdata' may break some Dockers!  I imagine that is the reason why many Dockers have set their permissions as they are for their 'data' in 'appdata' is to prevent exactly what you are trying to do.  As @itimpi pointed out the Dynamix File Manager will allow you edit the text files in 'appdata' because when you use that plugin, you become the superuser, root,  and that user is permitted to do anything he/she wants.   (Linux/UNIX has the design philosophy that all users have only enough permission to do things on the system that is needed to do their work.  If they want to do anything else (other than that work), they will be denied permission to do so.


One thing that Unraid does is to prevent root from being a SMB user.  See this line in  /etc/samba/smb/conf:

 invalid users = root



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