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Reallocated sector | disabled cache drive

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So this morning I got this error: Unraid Skynetcache disk SMART health [5] Warning [SKYNET] - reallocated sector ct is 24. Fast forward a couple hours and I get this: fstrim: /mnt/skynetcache: FITRIM ioctl failed: Input/output error.


I logged in and noticed my drive dropped offline, but I can’t figure out why. I’ve uploaded my diagnostics too. 

it’s worth mentioning I’ve also been having intermittent issues with my /mnt/mediacache drive falling offline too. 


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skynetcache1 dropped offline:


May 25 04:26:47 Skynet kernel: ata1: hard resetting link
May 25 04:26:52 Skynet kernel: ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
May 25 04:26:52 Skynet kernel: ata1: reset failed, giving up
May 25 04:26:52 Skynet kernel: ata1.00: disable device
May 25 04:26:52 Skynet kernel: ata1: EH complete


Because it dropped there's no SMART, but this is usually a power/connection problem, check/replace cables and run a correcting scrub.

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So I rebooted, tried several cables, data and power, tried different data ports and the reallocated sector count just kept climbing, and then a udma error started popping up. I swapped this with another ssd in the machine, and it still had issues while the other ssd was fine, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s the drive failing. 

I pulled the drive from the pool and am running the pool with one drive. If I stop and add a new ssd (240gb vs the current 256gb) can I just start it and do a scrub? 

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