Version: 6.12.0-rc6 segfault keeping array from starting

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Diagnostics are attached.

I was using unbalance overnight to move files off of one of three drives that I was going to remove from the array, when I came back to check on it in the morning the server was unresponsive through the gui so I rebooted it through idrac & everything started up fine.


I re-ran unbalance to get the last few gigs off of the hard drive, then I powered down the server, pulled the three drives out of the server and turned it back on. I created a new config and preserved all assignments, then I went to the main page and moved some disks around so that there wouldn't be any empty spots in the list and so that the disks were ordered largest to smallest, I started the array, entered my encryption key and things hung up on 'mounting disks' so I checked the log and had the segfault error.


I forced a reboot through idrac and when the server came back on I put the disks back in their original order because the log was giving errors about 'wrong fs type' on the 2 newer drives which are formatted to zfs, I was wondering if that was an issue if they're the first drives that unraid looked at, so I put them back in the same order that they were in while things were working well, minus the three drives that I just removed. I started the array and got a similar segfault error.


I forced a power down through idrac and added the three drives back into the server, when the OS was back up I reset the config again and went through to put all the drives including the three I had removed back in the same order that they were in before any of the issues started popping up, and I started the array and again got the segfault error.


I've rebooted my server maybe 5 times since updating to 6.12.0-rc6 and have had no issues, I started getting the segfault errors right after I removed the drives and set up the new config, but resetting everything to be the same as it was before getting the segfault hasn't solved the issue.


These diagnostics are from the most recent start up, I didn't save any diagnostics from the first 2 segfault hang ups.



I have some parts coming in from ebay today for another server that I'm planning to migrate my unraid hardware into so whenever that gets here I'll try moving my drives over to see how it responds. The new server has different CPUs and RAM so If it's a CPU or RAM issue it should not have this problem in the new server.

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