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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing that link. That looks like just what I'll need to do!
  2. I tried both, neither worked. When I tried using /live02/ in the settings (as opposed to what was shown in the screen shot) something confusing also happened when trying to go to Instead of it immediately not working, it sat there and tried to load for 10 - 20 seconds and then the URL changed to be which is very strange, nothing in my code-server or my Nginx Proxy Manager settings have anything to do with port 4443, so I'm not sure where that's coming from.
  3. I updated git through the docker console. I had to run this: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo apt-get install software-properties-common sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install git after those all finished I was on 2.29.1 or 2.29.2 or something.
  4. I've got another question - I was on version 3.6.0 and had updated git to 2.29.x. Today I let unRAID update code-server to 3.6.1 and after the update git was back on 2.17, is there a way to keep git up to date through container updates or will I just need to do a manual update every time the container updates?
  5. I'm using the code-server docker and accessing it through The code-server application has an extension called "live server" that lets you view your html/css/js in a browser that updates live. By default you can access it from port 5500, if 5500 is not available then it uses 5501 and so on - right now 5502 seems to be the most available so that's what I'm setting up right now but I'll probably set up 5500 through 5509 or something once I get the first one working. I access the UI for the code-server container through port 8443. I'm using the "custom : br0" network type because if I used the default Bridge network type I couldn't access the "live server" page but using the bridged IP it does work if I pass the ports through in the container settings. works fine and takes me to with no issues, I got the "live server" to be accessible at taking me to, but ideally I'd like to be able to access it by going to INSTEAD OF I tried using the "custom locations" option in my proxy host setup but (I also tried /live02/ as the location instead of /live02 - the error page was styled differently which was interesting but it was still the same error). I've tried to set the custom locations up a time or two in the past but haven't been able to get them working so I'm hoping that I'll finally be able to get my head around how they work here. Thanks for any ideas or advice.
  6. Thanks for the idea. I'll look into doing that.
  7. Does anyone know how to get to the preview page from the Live Server extension? I saw someone asking about the extension in the past but I think my question is different - Live Server says it's running and that it's running on port 5500. Normally you would go to if you were using VS Code on your local workstation but since it's a docker container that wouldn't/doesn't work like that - I tried adding a few ports to the docker configuration to try and let me access ports 5500 through 5505 from my LAN but that didn't work either. A screen shot of the port 5500 config that I tried to add. I just did this 6 times for 5500, ..., 5505. This may be more of a routing question than a code-server question, but if anyone here can help me out I'd appreciate it!
  8. I've tried installing this container a LOT of times, bridge mode, host mode, on its own ip address, with the standard ports, with extra ports, with fewer ports, no matter what I do the controller never finds any devices. When I install the pducharme controller my devices are found immediately. I've been trying to get this container to see my devices on and off for maybe a year..the strangest thing to me is that no one else on this form (as far as I can tell) has this problem. I don't think that my network has an especially unique setup. I would love to hear any suggestions for things I could try to get this working. I could easily go to the pducharme container but at this point it's just bugging me that I haven't gotten this version working.
  9. I know it's been a while but I just got this to fix itself in the windows settings - I changed the cursor color from white to black and then back from black to white. When I made the change back to white the outline was there.
  10. I did - so far I've added a few paths and variables based on this forum and some suggestions from reddit. I just opened up my docker tab to list out everything that I've added for you but I decided to try opening the web gui again just to see what would happen and now it's working. I haven't done anything since last night when I added the variables and paths, so who knows why it wasn't working back then. Anyway for anyone wondering, I added these things (thanks cutthroat, UnraidDuck & faelterman): Config Type: Variable Name: LOG_Channel Key: LOG_Channel Value: stdout Config Type: Variable Name: DB_CONNECTION Key: DB_CONNECTION Value: mysql Config Type: Path Name: Logs Path Container Path (MAY VARY ON YOUR SETUP): /var/www/firefly-iii/storage/logs Host Path (MAY VARY ON YOUR SETUP): /mnt/cache/appdata/firefly-iii/logs/ Config Type: Variable Name: TRUSTED_PROXIES Key: TRUSTED_PROXIES Value: **
  11. I'm trying to install this for the first time and this helped, thanks. Still stuck at the fatal error screen but since I updated this the firefly container can recognize the connect to the mariadb container
  12. Well my "Media - TV Shows" was the share I wanted to bring in and that wasn't working, but I tried my "Audio" share and that worked fine. The "Audio" share and the "Media - TV Shows" share had different SMB Security Settings so I made the "Media - TV Shows" settings match the "Audio" share settings but it still wouldn't connect, so I ended up changing the share name from "Media - TV Shows" to "TV" and now it connects just fine - so I think that it was the dash in the share name that might have been giving me the problems. This second server was a mishmash of old drives that are really not in great condition but it's got a dual parity and for what it's being used for it's really not a big deal if I lose anything. I'm still going to remove drive 6 though because it's really at the very end of its life. Thanks Squid and dlandon for looking into my diagnostics and giving me some suggestions.
  13. Here is the zip file. I really appreciate you two taking the time to respond and check it out
  14. Where can I find those? The "Remote SMB/NFS Script Log" is empty and I'm not seeing anything in the main log about the SMB stuff. Is there somewhere else to look?\
  15. I have a second Unraid server that I'm trying to let my first Unraid server access using a SMB share through unassigned devices but I can't get the share to mount. I searched through this forum but if this has been addressed already I didn't see it. Please let me know if you need more info, I'm attaching a screen shot of the settings I'm trying to use. If there's another way to let my docker images on my first server see shares on my second server that makes more sense then please let me know about that too.