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Need help copying files from old unraid hdds

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I used an old computer to try out unraid with two WD Red 8TB drives.  I liked it so much that I bought a new computer and two WD Red Plus 14TB drives.  I built it but took out the 8TB drives because I planned to put them in an old Synology box to gift to a coworker.


However, I want to copy files off of the drives.  I bought an external enclosure ( https://sabrent.com/collections/hard-drive-accessories/products/ec-dflt ) but Windows shows nothing and unraid shows the drive (Unassigned Devices plugin) but only seems to allow me to format them?


One was used as a parity drive, the other as a regular drive.   Not sure which is which but neither works on Windows or unraid.


How do I copy the files to my current unraid server?

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8 minutes ago, sshults said:

How do I copy the files to my current unraid server?

The Parity drive will have no usable data on it.  It also has no filesystem so nothing will read it.  The other drive will have your data and has a filesystem.


What filesystem format did you use when you setup Unraid with the 8TB drives?  Windows cannot read any of the filesystem formats supported in the Unraid array so it is not surprising that it cannot read the drive.


It is surprising that the data drive is not mountable in Unassigned Devices.  The parity drive, having no filesystem will likely only give you the option to format in Unassigned Devices. You should be able to mount the data drive in UD and copy the data from it to to a new 14TB array drive.


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Ugh.  I'm a dummy.  I had to update the enclosure's firmware and *then* unraid was able to see it via Unassigned Devices.  And then the share was in the /media directory.


I'll learn a little at a time.  Thank you for answering!  I really appreciate you taking the time.

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