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Folder in multi-disk Share had all files on two disks deleted

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Let me know if you guys have encountered something like this before.


My "Spacy" has a "videos" folder, I discovered some files in that folder were no longer there.  The "videos" folder is present on disk1 and disk2 but is an empty directory in both of them.  All the other disks that contained that "videos" folder had files inside them - this makes me suspect that the contents of that folder were deleted from those two disks.


Ran diagnostics (attached), and did a filesystem check on all the disks - no errors and no "lost+found" share was generated.  I didn't delete those files, and I'm the only person with access to my server so I really have no idea what happened.


The files that were deleted weren't important so it's just an inconvenience, but I'm concerned.

Has anyone experienced this?  Is there any way I can prevent this from happening, or recover the lost files?


Thanks for your time.


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Your version doesn't give us as much diagnostic information as later versions. Consider upgrading.


Disks 4,5 have little if any data. Is that expected?


Possibly you accidentally moved the files into some other share? I never drag/drop files in case of mouse glitches, for example.


Do you actually know there is significantly more free space than before?

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Thanks for taking a look!  Yup I see that I'm still on 6.9.2, I'll do a flash backup and upgrade to 6.11.5.  Disks 4 and 5 having little data is expected, I've been adding disks over time so most of the data will be in the first ones.

I use the Networks UPS Tools plugin to connect to a TrippLite UPS, I'll look into that.

No I don't have a "videos" share, but I have a "Spacy" share that contains a folder named "videos", that's where the data loss happened.

I don't like to mouse things into the server, I have a folder on my desktop where I put files to be moved then run a rsync script - I'm paranoid about mouse glitches too.


It doesn't seem like I'm going to get a satisfactory answer to this mystery.  I'll update Unraid, install the Recycle Bin plugin, and just be extra careful from now on.  I/O errors in the cache are a little concerning, a few months back I changed my cache drive into a pool of two, maybe that configuration wasn't set up correctly?  I'll look into that.


Thanks again!

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