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Torrent download, Plex media management - keeping .torrent file or continuous seeding after download?

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I have historically downloaded media off torrents; then sonarr/radarr does its thing and moves the files from the download directory to the final media destination for plex. But as you know; you eventually forget about the original .torrent file used to download that media (in case it gets corrupted or what if you want to re-seed).


Has anyone configured their unraid setup in a way that:
- when you download torrents (sonarr/radarr) you keep a copy of the .torrent file

- after sonarr/radar moves the data somewhere; you could decide to keep seeding that media


I think because sonarr/radarr move the files and re-organize them, it is no longer possible to "seed" the original .torrent file and other complexities - but maybe I am wrong... I am sure some smart people here are probably doing exactly what I am asking above so looking for some wisdom since I now have unlimited fiber internet and feeling generous with seeding content :)

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