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New to unraid and the type of apps available. Im looking for a file sharing program.


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To keep it short, my wife currently used drop box to send wedding photos that she takes to her customers using 1 time download links. We have a 1GB fiber connection and have plenty of upload speed and space so i was wondering if we could ditch drop box and use unraid for this. Currently I use a VPN (private internet access) and plan to use it with unraid to keep anyone who gets one of these links from getting our IP address, if theres an app for it.


Can anyone tell me if there is an app with this type of service? Paid or not? 


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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12 hours ago, JonathanM said:

Possibly you could use Nextcloud, but the standard setup would expose your IP. I think a cloudflared url could hide the IP, but I've not personally tried that.


Most any file sharing setups will expose the IP of the source, that's kind of how the internet works.

Thanks for the reply.


I’ll take a look at it in the coming weeks. I’m currently in the process of moving my raid from my readynas to unraid which will take a while to finish. 

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As JonathanM said, Nextcloud will do it. But... You want to make sure you're secure when making things "public".


I have a secure Nextcloud, but my wife won't use it because I'm going to die and then it will be gone.


You've already lost, my friend.


Only Corporations last forever... ( vomit, puke, false, whatever... :)








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