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How can I get my Pro2.key license back?

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A friend gave me an offical usb stick with unRAID Pro2.key (one of the two pairs key by $149) ten years ago.  it was unRAID 5.0. For some reason I didn't use this usb flash for couple of years. I never transfer this key to other usb flash stick. Today when I updated my unRAID server from 5.0 to 6.11,unRAID 6.11 told me this:



Blacklisted USB Flash GUID

This USB Flash boot device has been blacklisted. This can occur as a result of transfering your Registration key to a replacement USB Flash device, and you are currently booted from your old USB Flash device.

A USB Flash device may also be blacklisted if there is no serial number, or if we discover the serial number is not unique (this is common with USB card readers).

For more information, please Contact Support.

Flash GUID:
Flash Vendor:
Flash Product:
This server has 10 attached storage devices.



How can I get my Pro2.key back? 



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