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Help Please: DiskSpeed HBA card recommendation

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Just ran benchmark on my controller, using DiskSpeed. I have 15 disk connected to a SAS2008 HBA card and a SAS expander card. When the benchmark runs all disks at the same time I'm getting an avg speed of 23MB/sec. Currently rebuilding a drive and it's running at 28.1MB/Sec. I paused the rebuild and then ran the Benchmark on DiskSpeed. All drives are mechanical HD's, I have the Cache connected to MB directly. 


This is the message it gives me, "Slight variations between runs and minor improvements in all drives being read at once vs a single drive is normal. The average difference between the single drive and all drive read speeds is 85.4%
The maximum data output of all the drives exceeds the capacity of the drive controller." Is this Normal to see the message? Or have I outgrown my SAS2008 HBA card, I believe it's an IBM 1015 flashed and running in IT mode. 


The drive 8TB currently rebuilding at 28 MB/s. Says it will take 2 days 19 hours to finish and it's already been running for 18 hours almost 19 hours. 



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