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Ip address: not set (no internet, ipv4 or 6)

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I had to shutdown my server temporarily for some power repairs in my apartment, but when I started it back up there is no internet access. Errors with ping entailed


I first tested the cable itself, and the ethernet cord works when plugged into a different computer. I then tried the same cord into all ports of the server, and there wasn't any connection. I saw some other threads say to remove the network.cfg and network-rules.cfg to regenerate them, but that didn't change anything. I also tried setting the use_dhcp to no. I'm currently at a loss for how to approach this. 


Here is my latest diagnostic file


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Jun  7 23:29:38 Tower  dhcpcd[1370]: br0: soliciting a DHCP lease
Jun  7 23:29:41 Tower  dhcpcd[1370]: br0: offered from
Jun  7 23:29:41 Tower  dhcpcd[1370]: br0: NAK: no leases left from
Jun  7 23:29:41 Tower  dhcpcd[1370]: br0: message: no leases left


Router problem, it cannot lease any more IPs.

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