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Random reboots

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Had these random reboots / shutdowns for a little while thought it was to do with UPS or sleep plugin.

Have just changed UPS the last one was definitely faulty as would randomly loose communication.

New one is APC and reports test OK.


Have also disabled sleep plugin to see if that helps narrow down culprit.


So far the resets seem to happen about 1/3 of the way into a file-transfer of 600GB.


Diagnostics attached.


Not really even sure how you have a random reboot while on a UPS so it must be a system hangup somewhere?


As a precaution also turned off the XMP memory profile incase that was causing an issue but its still happening so don't think so..


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Ok eventually the PSU died after I heard it make an old electrical noise. Now guess that would explain the sudden resets as it was slowly dying. 

Anyway got a replacement 1u flex 400w PSU by brand Enhance this time its a gold 80 so will be more effect than the previous one which was 600w but no standard & I expect it was actually a cheap knockoff as has lasted about 9months.


Preliminary UPS stats show an idle of around 70w wheres old PSU was 100w.


In case it's useful in the future this company sell the PSU with silent fan pre installed in the UK - https://www.overtek.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/400w-flex-atx-80plus-gold-power-supply-enhance-enp7140

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