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Unbelievably slow transfer from Windows 11 22H2 to Unraid 6.11.5 and 6.12rc8

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New to Unraid.
I installed TrueNAS Scale to give it a go and transfer on my home network from a Windows 11 machine to Unraid running on an HPE Microserver Gen 10. Transfer with TrueNAS was consistently around 80MB/s
I then installed Unraid. Much better interface. But the speed is tragic. I have 3x4TB disks and 1x4TB parity with a 256GB cache. Iperf3 gives me a consistent 900Mb/s traffic bandwidth (~110 MB/s).


The speed now of moving files with TeraCopy, or directly is extremely random moving between (sometimes) ~20MB/s and most often than not ~ 3MB/s. What is killing me is the extreme variability of the speed, not allowing me to pinpoint a clear pattern.

I have tried to move both via SMB and NFS shares. Reconstruct Write is enabled. Problem was present with 6.11.5 Stable and now with 6.12 rc8. No parity being build (did it before starting copying)


I went trough all posts I could find. No solutions. I'm at a loss. Any ideas (including diagnostics with the post)


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42 minutes ago, ZioPaperino said:

No parity being build (did it before starting copying)

Note that parity is updated in real-time once you have it present and this can impact write speed even with Reconstruct Write (Turbo Write) enabled.   Since you have SMR parity drive and SMR data drives either of these slowing down will impact speeds.

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