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Another slow network transfer speed

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Hello, I am getting low transfer speeds (25-32mb/s) when moving files across the network. The network is gigabit, the unraid server is hardwired and the system I am testing from is connected via Wi-Fi 5, WPA3-Personal, TX/RX 866/866 on the 5GHz band. The drives are 5 WD blue 8tb with two in parity.
The parity drives have been removed temporarily during troubleshooting.

I ran DiskSpeed



And also iperf


I also took two sets of diagnostics, one ran during iperf and the other during a Win file transfer


I am unsure what or where to look next, my searches haven't been very fruitful.

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Alright, I feel a bit dumb but I tested on one of my laptops which has the same link speed (866/866) and am getting an average of 542Mbits/sec.

I'll see what I can find, but what would typically be the reason for this? How can I maximize the speed on both my laptop and desktop?

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I've been searching and reading posts all day and I can't find anything that would fix this speed issue, does anybody have any input?
I've disabled as many services/processes as possible including AV/etc, updated my adapters driver, uninstalled and reinstalled the adapter driver, all with no change.

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Those are WiFi relate, even link rate was 866M, it doesn't mean the bandwidth was 866Mb/s, and if got 542Mb/s is almost some kind best figure ( 2xxMb/s also a normal value ). You may try increase the WiFi channel width to 80Mhz or 160Mhz if AP and laptop support that.

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