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[UNRAID 11.6.5] HTTPS error

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Dear fellow Unraidians,


after the 30 day trial period I shutted down Unraid and was truly convined this is a perfect system. In the meantime I started a project to install OPNsense in my network. So far so good. After the network was finished, I bought Unraid and booted up my PC.


I did the initial installation with the help of youtube videos again. I have stumbled upon some serious issues with SSL though. When I install passbolt I have to get access to a site with myip:port/somepassboltgeneratedhash and got a nice white screen and an error with an untrusted cert.


So I stopped docker and in settings I changed to SSL strict. After new issues (rebind protection) I got it working by adding the domain myunraid.net under the advanced tab.


Now I can access my box and get a ip-dashed.hash.myunraid.net:port in my browser.


However, you can probably guess it, my passbolt link still resolves to http and thus cert errors (and a white screen).


After 8 hours (during two evenings) I am out of options. I cannot find what the error could be on google nor the legacy wiki.


Could someone point me in the good direction? I am not sure what kind of information I need to give in more detail, so please forgive my n00bness. :-)


Thank you

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Let's see if this helps...


This is the url to your Unraid webgui:


This is the url to your docker container's webgui:


They are not related in any way. The certificate used for the Unraid webgui has no bearing on the certificate used for the docker container.

Since you are having issues with the Passbolt container, I'll recommend that you ask your questions in the support thread for that container:

The folks there will be the most knowledgeable about how to configure SSL for that container.


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