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Won't boot

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I'm using a high quality Samsung drive, about 1 year old. I don't have a flash back (regret). Is there a way I can recover what's on the current flash and move it to a new one? Could it be as simple as copying and pasting to a new drive? I imagine if it's a corruption problem using the old drive wouldn't work. 

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I have a similar problem.  The config folder looks empty, even with 'view hidden' on.  Oh, no, check that, the config folder is now completely missing.  I tried booting into safe mode, but it would'nt go past bios without coming up boot failure. Put the usb stick back into my windows machine and it says there's a problem with your usb drive.  I press yes to fix problems.  Now usb only has efi folder left and a bunch of files.  We're going from bad to worse.  What next!?  how do I keep license for next attempt, there is a license.txt, but it has nothing in it.

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