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  1. This sounds great, but where does it show the output of the find command?
  2. is that what precipitated all the other devices dropping as well? It was already in a USB2 port.
  3. did a full power cycle and now things seem to be normalish. parity check running. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But if someone can spot any clues in the diag files about what happened that would be awesome. maybe it's time to replace the guts. Looks like it all started around 7:11am this morning: May 15 07:11:36 unraid kernel: usb 3-3: USB disconnect, device number 2
  4. seems like there was some catastrophic failure. might be hardware, not sure yet. all SSDs and the USB drive have disappeared. Trying a reboot now.
  5. Hello all, Overnight something happened with my key file and now unraid is telling me it's missing or corrupt. I've tried re-installing the original key file via the URL in the original purchase email, but it errors out. Normally I'd try rebooting, but dockers seem to be working OK now, and I'm afraid unraid won't boot up again without a valid key file. Any help would be greatly appreciated, diags attached. Thank you!
  6. probably a noob question... is there any way to see what process actually opened files captured by this plugin? just now I saw that something opened a bunch of music videos. i assume it was either plex or radarr, i just don't know why.
  7. I took another approach with this and tried moving the files via unraid's CLI and they seem to be moving consistently without waking up the array. I guess there is something in MacOS's finder that is waking up the array when I use it to move cached files around. Keeping .DS_Store files on the cache did not solve the issue like I hoped it would (although maybe it helps a little, not sure). So for now I have just set up an hourly user script to move files between cached directories.
  8. @hugenbdd that's awesome, do you have an account for coffee/beer money?
  9. It's hard to say because I haven't tested it on a wired connection. Subsequent partial backups still seem really slow though. Like right now it's backup up 1.5GB and calculates 2 hours remaining. I would think even on wifi it should be faster, but maybe I'm in a dead spot.
  10. An option would be great if you can get around to it! I neglected to mention all those files were "new" to me within the last 10 days, but the mtime was ~60 days ago. So from my point of view it was just not accurate and mover moved them the very first opportunity despite my "age" setting at 10 days.
  11. Like this? For these files, the "atime" and "ctime" are both less than 10 days, but the "mtime" is greater than 10 days. If "atime" cannot be used, can "ctime"? oot@unraid:/mnt/user/Media/TV Shows/Stanley Tucci - Searching for Italy/Season 01# find *.mkv -atime -10 Stanley Tucci - Searching for Italy - S01E01 - Naples and the Amalfi Coast - [WEBRip-1080p, , x264, 8-bit] [AAC, 2.0].mkv Stanley Tucci - Searching for Italy - S01E02 - Rome - [WEBRip-1080p, , x264, 8-bit] [AAC, 2.0].mkv Stanley Tucci - Searching for Italy - S01E03 - Bologna - [WEBRip-1080p, , x264, 8-bit] [AAC, 2.0].mk
  12. I have a question - For "Move files off cache based on age?" setting, it seems like the plugin checks the "Last Modified" date which corresponds to when the file was first created, even if that's before you downloaded it. So if you download something older than your "days old" setting, it gets moved to the array on the very next Mover run. Would it be possible to reference either the "Date Changed" or "Date Accessed" dates instead? Seems like either of those are more representative of when the files are actually acquired on the cache. At least in my use case. Thank y