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GPU (Nvidia) hardware transcoding no longer working

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GPU (Nvidia) hardware transcoding no longer working with Plex.  

Currently running binhex-plexpass docker.

Latest Nvidia drivers installed.  Tried reverting  back but that didn't work.  Reconfirmed all the docker settings and still nothing.  Transcoding used to work and one day stopped.  Not sure how long it has been broken as most of my devices I regularly use can stream raw. 

Here's a few screenshots of as well as a video:




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I've just been trying to get Nvidia hardware encoding to work.  I am having apparently this exact issue.  The GPU seems to start a process for encoding then drops it almost immediately.  One thing I have noticed though is if I switch back and forth between original quality and a transcode a couple times, it seems to trick it into keeping the process running.  However, this is very annoying and far from a solution.  I'll note I've updated to Unraid 6.12.0, installed the latest Nvidia Drivers from the plugin, restarted, added the --runtime=nvidia and the nvidia devices environment variable for plex, restarted again, switched PCIe slots, somewhere said to make sure a cable is plugged into the card so I tried that, and switched to a different plex image (from plexinc to linuxserver).  All to no avail.


Edit: I've also tried using the binhex/plexpass image.  I am currently trying the linuxserver image with a different nvidia driver version

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