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File/Folder Share Suggestions


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I'm looking for suggestions for a self-hosted web application that I can run on my Unraid server and use it to share directories or files with specific friends and family.  I've looked at a number of options like Seafile, ProjectSend, FileRun, FileShelter, etc - and they all fall short of what I'm looking to do.  Mostly because they all require you to re-upload the file to the server so it goes in the app's appdata folder, or whatever - and it can't seem to just take a data directory, and let me say "share this folder path with friend Xyz".  The files are already on an Unraid share. I just need to have a secure way to expose a specific directory to them to download one or all files in a folder.


Does something like that exist?

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Yeah... NextCloud would probably work, but given that I'm not hosting that right now and not sure I really need something that heavy I was hoping to find something more tailored to just this one use case.  *sigh*.... why use a scalpel when a sledgehammer will do? LOL

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9 hours ago, Aran said:

Have a look at "Filebrowser".


You can share files and folders by link to anyone but only registered users can also upload. No database needed.

That looks perfect!! That's exactly the idea I was looking for, thank you so much for pointing out that I can share with it as well - I think I looked at it, and totally missed that I can actually share with it too.


Thank you!!

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