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NAS Compares just did a Unraid review


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I think he's right about the advantages:

  • Parity implementation allows for any size of disk to be added to the array.
  • Can be installed on almost any hardware allowing any type of system to become a server.
  • Not limited to custom hardware enclosures/solutions.
  • Intuitive web-based interface.
  • Impressive support of and choice of docker containers and VMs.

Not so sure about all his negatives:

  • Performance due to way parity is implemented.  Maybe in the grand scheme of things but if it's mainly a server that you access through your network to store files or watch movies then performance is great.
  • Cost.  This one is odd because he doesn't like the license cost (I tend to agree) but earlier he said that it was "cost effective" when you considered the fact that you're not tied to particular hardware.
  • Lack of deduplication or compression.  This depends on the file system you use.  If you use ZFS then you can do both although deduplication is not worth it.  If you use btrfs then you can do compression.
  • Lack of enterprise support like LDAP.
  • Lack of hardware support.


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