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Use USB-eth dongle as main nic

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I have added a USB C ethernet dongle to my server. 

it’s recognised and i can configure it. However it does not appear under “Interface rules”. 
does this mean a USB device cannot act as a “main nice eth0” alltogether or is this an issue with the server recognising it or a driver issue. 
it also shows under tools—->system devices so there doesn’t seem to be an issue with it. 
it’s getting a IP through DHCP which i can’t ping and if i plug in a cable only in this dongle i can’t access the internet or my own network. 
So would the only use for a USB dongle be to bridge it to a VM? 

i am planning to run pfsense on this so i thought i’d add some extra nics to it before it do that. But trying to get my head around network settings and UNraid

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Have try USB NIC, sometimes you will found it assign to ethX if you plugin before boot up. But if you reboot again, then status always undetermined, so USB NIC almost can't use as system NIC.


But different chips / solution USB NIC may have different result.

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