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Reocvering data, broken boot flash drive

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I've got an old server from about 10 years ago that was running unraid (not sure which version) and was booting from a flash drive containing the OS. The flash drive that contained the OS was broken, and I am wondering what my options are for recovering data.


Apologies if this information can be found elsewhere, so much time has gone by that I've forgotten everything I knew about unraid a decade ago.


Can I take drives and plug them into a new PC and just pull data off? Can I recreate the flash drive somehow, and would that require purchasing unraid again?

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3 hours ago, paulfranco89 said:

Can I recreate the flash drive somehow, and would that require purchasing unraid again?

You can use the current version of Unraid with a trial version, assign all the drives as data drives, that should get you back in.


If you know the email address you used to obtain your original license you should be able to contact support with your info and get your license back.


In any case, your drives are probably using ReiserFS as itimpi said, and you need to copy that data to different drives with a newer format, as ReiserFS is not being updated and will be discontinued in the near future.

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6 hours ago, itimpi said:

All drives in Unraid main array are self contained file systems that can be read by any Linux system.  If using Windows then you will need additional software that supports the required file system type (probably reiserFS if really such an old Unraid system)

Thank you! I was able to access the drives and copy files over in windows 11 using the program Linux Reader. It was indeed ReiserFS. 


This saved me a huge amount of googling and likely coming to incorrect conclusions. I really appreciate it. 

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