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Remove drive and run replace at a later date

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I have just 2 drives in my array - a parity and a data drive.

The data drive is failing. I want to take it back to the store and get it replaced under warranty.


Can I remove the failing drive from the array and have the array continue to run just off the parity drive? And then later insert the replacement drive I get under the warranty and rebuild?

I also want to clear the data drive before I take it back. Hoping to use the pre-clear tool. However I can use my desktop to clear if this isn't an option.


I have nothing critical on the array, so It won't be the end of the world if the parity drive were to also fail before I got the array rebuilt.

I am hoping I will have the replacement drive back same day but am prepared that I may get mucked around while my warranty claim is confirmed.



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22 hours ago, JorgeB said:

You can.

Thanks for the confirmation.


And just checking the process, I want to stop the array, shut down, remove the faulty drive, restart and when I start the array it will emulate the missing drive?

I DON'T want to unassign the drive? I assume this will mess up the parity?


Can I use unraid to clear the faulty drive? Or is there no option to have the physical drive attached but not assigned? And do I risk messing up the emulation/parity if I try and clear the drive?

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37 minutes ago, ShaunA said:

I DON'T want to unassign the drive? I assume this will mess up the parity?

Unassigning the drive would have exactly the same effect as physically removing it.  In both cases the drive will be emulated using the other drives plus parity.


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