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Is there a way to make WOL work for 2nd NIC (eth1)

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Just added 10GbE and wondering what best setup is?


I use WOL and WOL doesn't seem to work on 10GbE in general because of standby power usage is much higher etc.

The motherboard has built in 2.5GbE which works great and supports WOL.


WOL doesn't seem to work unless the 2.5GbE is the main NIC in Unraid. I thought it might still support WOL if it was the 2nd NIC.


So at the moment I've got the 2.5GbE as the main network (eth0)

Then the 10GbE as the 2nd one. (eth1)


My question is will Unraid prefer to talk on the (eth0) 

Or if I connect to will it force the use of 10GbE?


Is there a way to make WOL work while having the WOL NIC the 2nd NIC i.e eth1




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Ok has a look at the GO file and I needed to add a duplicate line but for eth1.



ethtool -s eth1 wol g



This way I should now be able to swap the NICs round so eth0 is the 10G & eth1 is 2.5G with WOL working.


Would be good to know what happens if I choose bonded backup how WOL works.

My guess is it won't work as the backup NIC only becomes active if eth0 fails?


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