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Dedicated drive for VM

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I have a machine which has a small NvME that I would like to dedicated entirely to a Windows VM.  I'm looking for optimum performance of that VM and do have a separate SSD for Cache.  I understand there is a "block level" option (which I do not understand, but see the config for), but the latest post I could find on it was this, last updated in 2018: 

Is this still the recommended configuration?  Are there any serious caveats?  The Windows VM is one of the primary objectives of the machine.  Also, for backing up the VM, would I just use a Windows backup utility and mount one of my shares in Windows?

Sorry if any of my terminology is wrong, I've not done this before.  Happy to go read any old posts or FAQs if someone can point the way.  I tried searching, but wasn't sure what all keywords to use.  TIA!

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