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Server crashes

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Hi, I've had my first Unraid server for just under 2 weeks and it's crashing regularly, I don't know what else to do.

Can someone help me please?


Installed is:
i5 12400
550W bequiet power supply
AsRock Z690 Pro Rs 
Dell Perc H310 


Server is running on 6.11.5


Last night at 6PM I started a parity check to verify everything. 

I activated the syslog on the usb stick and added it here, everything ran smoothly until I went to sleep, at 3:30am the fix common problems were still running and what happened after that I don't understand.


Please can someone help me, I do not know what to do.


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After this crash I now got more errors from the HBA card.


I had the same errors before and that's why I replaced the HBA card and installed a different H310, but still the same errors.


I am so desperate because I was so excited about my first unraid server and now I don't know what else to do because I don't understand enough about it.


edit: after the first card Crashes, i added a Fan to the card, so i don't think it's overheating

hba card errors.txt

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1 minute ago, extrakaese said:

Then maybe a hardware defect?

Could be, one thing you can try is to boot the server in safe mode with all docker/VMs disabled, let it run as a basic NAS for a few days, if it still crashes it's likely a hardware problem, if it doesn't start turning on the other services one by one.

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Okay, I'll put the HBA card in another slot first and test it after my vacation to see if it also crashes in safe mode.


Currently have the card in one of the lower PCIe from the AsRock Z690 Pro RS.
Should I put it in the top slot where I would normally put a graphics card?


Right now Plex and pihole are the only Dockers running, no VMs.

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