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Ethernet over Powerline - Thoughts?


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It all has to do with the electrical lines. Usually the newer houses do a bit better. I would try the 500 mbps versions they tend to do better, even with the crappier electrical networks. Check out the Small Net Builder reviews. They looked at two models. One did better then the other...

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2. Do you have to use a CAT6 cable?



no, 5E should do fine up to GB speed



3. Does wireless on the router matter? 



No, but remember that these units will turn your electricity cabling into one big Ethernet switch/bridge.

So, what one should be aware of, is that the speed of that bridge is shared with/between all powerline outlets.

Also, the advertised speed is that of the bridge (at best it is bi-directional, with two outlets).

That means a 200mb powerline adapter could have an Ethernet port that supports only 100mb (duplex).

Just be aware of that when make a purchase.

Your router should support at least GB LAN connections as should your Powerline device.


An alternative to Powerline is Ethernet over Coax...less polluting your house with EMV, because coax cables are shielded  ;D

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Used the netgear powerline - worked well for getting lower pings than wireless and more stable of a connection when I was rooming. I plugged into a OpenWRT router which helped me abstract my network from the folks who renting a room to me.


Speed - it worked well enough for internet (10-20mbps was no problem). Media streaming of all sorts seemed to work well enough. When I got my own place though I am hard wired gig because I really liked that.


In summary:For dropping internet to local router/switch - GREAT!

                  For media streaming (1080/720 from NAS) - Does the job. Minor to no quirks.

                  For transferring large files from NAS and back - leaves more to be desired. Go wire gig




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