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New Unraid Server with old licence

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Hi. I have an unraid licence running on my server (server no 1) for this server i used external harddrives for my array only. Now i bought a complete new rig with internal hdd. My plan is to build it up from scratch. So i will start using the test-version, copy all files from server no1 to my new rig. After that, i want to move my licence from server no1 to server no2 , without take the old config of course… and then im going to delete the old server no1 and i will sell it. My question is: is it even possible to make these things and move the licence in the end? Thank you

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You old license is still good.  I would begin by making a backup of your boot drive.  (This is a 'Murphy Law' type of thing-- if you make it, you will never need it!)


While I have never setup a trial version, here is what I think you will be doing when you have everything setup on the new server and working.  Again you want to make a backup of the trial boot drive in server no2.  Then delete the  .key   file on the server no2 boot drive. Then get the   .key   file from the   /config  folder from the server no1 boot drive. and put it in the   /config    folder on the server no2 boot drive.  Now boot sever no2 and follow this procedure:




Basically, what is happening is that as your new server boots up, it 'realizes' that the .key file does not match the GUID of your new flash drive.  It then starts the automated process to upgrade the .key file.   Be sure to read the section on "Notes About Replacing your Registration Key" as it contains information that you will probably not need unless you run into a problem.  Most people do not have any problem transferring the license.


One additional thing, as I remember, many long years and many, many versions ago, the .key file was in the root of the boot drive.  So if you don't find it in /config folder, look in the root.

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