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6.12.2 no-parity array with two external USB3 drives won't start after reattaching drives

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I'm new to unraid and have just finished configuring my first unraid server. I'm starting small and have the following configuration:

Host: Ryzen 7 MiniPC

Cache Drive: Internal 500GB M.2 nvme
Array: 1x 8TB USB3 drive (disk1), 1x 3TB USB3 drive (disk2)

Parity: none


Disk2 was previously attached as a simple ext4 drive to a Pi4 server that was doing some basic things. When I setup the Unraid server I did it with only the cache and disk1. Then I manually mounted Disk2 and copied all the existing files I had to the share. Once I was sure that was successfully copied I unmounted Disk 2, formatted it and added it to the array.

With everything working, I shutdown the server and moved everything to another room where it would live moving forward. Upon restarting the server in it's new location, it detects all the attached drives properly, but it's not showing that disk2 is "wrong" and the array won't start.

1. What, if anything, did I do wrong?
2. What, if anything, can I do to get back up and running?
3. Is the data now unrecoverable because I didn't have a parity disk?


Thanks for your help!

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Doing a "new config" in Tools seems to have fixed it. I wasn't sure if that would preserve the data so I wasn't going to try it but I did. It revered to the point just before I added disk2 and disk2 was showing as "unassignable" but all the data was intact on disk1 and the array started up fine. So I formatted disk2 again and restarted everything and it looks good. I'm not sure what happened, but it's fine now.

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16 hours ago, trurl said:

Probably USB isn't giving consistent disk identification. 

One of many reasons USB isn't recommended for array or pools. Don't be surprised if it happens again.


As long as you don't have parity you may be able to live with it by doing New Config again.

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