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$109 HITACHI Deskstar 0S03230 3TB 5400 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5"


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I've wondered that too.  I can't find any difference between them.  Maybe one is OEM and one is retail?  The Amazon ones appeared to be retail, they came in boxes with screws and such.

Yeap, same thoughts, they seem to have a slight difference visually, side by side... hopefully no difference in specs. I will compare the preclear speeds when I get these with the amazon ones (I keep them for historic's)

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Actually I remembered I bought one of these from newegg back in June as I had a coupon and wanted one to test when Tom added the first beta with 3TB drive support. So I just checked the preclear reports, the amazon one's all came in exactly 4MB/s slower in preclears then this one from newegg. That why I only bought a few from amazon to check them out...

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109.99 seems to be the magic sale number these days.


I'll prolly get a few this time around.

I wanted to fill out my norco with just 3TB drives.


altho, this line caught my attention:

Idle Power Consumption (W): 4.8


22 of those is a hefty power draw....

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Expires 08/31/2011.  Great deal!  Almost matches the Amazon deal in July.

I just bought one a week ago..  I couldn't wait any longer for the sale..  And it figures

that it goes on sale now!  I do want one more..  hmmm...  when is the next credit card cycle start?


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