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Pogoplug Pro - Stream, access and share from anywhere for $29.99


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unlimited Pogoplug Premium software license (one license can be installed on ALL your computers--Mac or PC) for just $10.00 more

that makes it $39.99


and then


Shipping not included (approximately $10.00). Tax applied where applicable. Offer valid in the US only


thats makes it $49.99 + Tax


I can't buy/try anything were a company cant flat out state the price of there product. Let us know what you think when you get one.


Plus from CNET:


The bad: Awkward and unintuitive media browsing experience; unreliable and choppy playback and file format compatibility makes audio and especially video streaming unreliable; unattractive design; many of the advanced features like cloud printing and media streaming don't work reliably.



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I hear ya .. .just include the shipping, but keep in mind the software is in fact only an option, it is not required unless you need to stream to things like your phone with transcode.  I personnally have no need for that, so the price is ineed, $39 shipped.  Which is way cheaper than the $99 it used to be. [shrug] not even sure I'm getting one, I just thought it was a good deal.  I'll certainly report back if I do get one.

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I use J. River Media Center. For $50 you get a whole lot more than this ability. Add a few dollars for AirVideo  and you have an iphone/ iPad solution too. I've been listening to my entire audio collection at work for a while using this application. With AirVideo, I was able to let my daughter watch her favourite videos from across the Atlantic on my iPhone while we were on vacation in England.

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