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name does not appear in my router's status page

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I have Unraid 4.7, and a DIR 655 router

Everything runs fine, but I noticed that on my router's status page, the name of my Unraid Server ("Tower") doesn't appear


Does anybody know why?


2 more quick questions:

1)I feel that my server is longer to boot.....Is that normal? Is there anything I should check?

2) Should I put a static IP address (like I did for my other NAS - DNS 323) or DHCP is OK?



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I've been looking at getting my unRAID server to act as my dns/dhcp sderver for home. The router I'm stuck with at home is crap in dhcp handling and I'm anal to the point of wanting to group specific types of devices at home to a smaller range of IPs. Something my router can't handle due to its limited # of static ip allowable.


I can't imagine dhcp causing any load on the server. I just need to find an esasy to work with script.

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Centralized control.


It's easier to go to 1 place, your router, to setup all your machines. With static ips set on each machine, you'd need to go to each individual machine to change.


Yes. Less configuration items. Multiple items are configured via DHCP with just a single entry in the router. Additionally, all changes and updates are automated.

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OK, fair enough...

But when I look in my DIR 655 config page, I can see the names of ALL the devices connected to my router, except Unraid Server

I thought I should see the name TOWER, but nothing, only a blank cell

Does anybody know what should I look at to fix that little problem?



Double check your subnet mask matches your routers

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I checked and subnet mask is the same

But here are more details on my setup:

I have my main router (DIR655) downstairs

I have upstairs another DIR 655 configured as an access point. That router is wired to my main router

And Unraid Server is wired to that Access Point

When I look on the status page of the AP, I can see the name TOWER

But not on the status page of the main router

Is it normal, or is there something I should change to see the name TOWER on the main router?



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