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setup unraid as timemachine for mac

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Here is a start...http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=5184.msg56380#msg56380


None of this is applicable to the latest beta. The author to that procedure does not recommend using it with any current version. If you need AFP you need to be using the latest beta. With 4.7, a combination of SMB and NFS is recommended for Macs.

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Using b12a this seems to be pretty stable. I was having problems with getting access to the share from Time Machine using b11, but the new version seems better. Since your new macbook will be Lion, I think you'll find the SMB solution in 4.7 won't really play nice with Apple's franken-samba that they have put in Lion - that means a 5.0 beta may be your only choice.


It seems most of the remaining issues in the beta are todo with NIC drivers. I know Tom will never tell you to rely on beta software, but it has been stable enough for my back-up needs since b10.



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I'm using SMB with Lion with no problems with 4.7 and the latest beta. In System Preferences->Network->Advanced->WINS set the workgroup. Set the server to local master and the workgroup. I set up auto-mount NFS using Disk Utility for shares that need better performance.


Neither SMB or NFS will work with TimeMachine. But Carbon Copy Cloner works over SMB. TM does work fine with the latest beta.

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