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Intel G620 anyone?


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I'm looking for community experience with the G620. The reviews I've googled look positive vs. i3  2100/T, assuming you don't need HT. This will be for a new primary server on a Supermicro MBD-X9SCL-O R. (have it already) Primary use will be serving media, 30 crashplan clients, some sabnzbd. No encoding. This will be replacing old hardware so I need to minimize the downtime/messing around.


BTW, Supermicro support says the G620 is supported on that board.

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Supermicro is usually too rich for my hobby uses, too. In this case it was an open box.


I'm surprised nobody has spoken up about these here. It shaves $40-50 from an i3/2100 build for what should be indistinguishable performance & power differences. Maybe Raj has an unpublished build up his sleeve?

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