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Changing flash with an old key


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I'd like to be proactive and better prepared for an inevitable flash drive failure. I'm conscious that my unRAID license and the flash drive it's used on are from over a decade ago. I think the way unRAID was sold and how the GUIDs/keys were exchanged back then was different to today. That got me to wondering what steps I'd have to take when my flash drive fails. It's not quite clear in the documentation. Does this mean the the possession of the .key file is all that's needed? And a new .key can automatically be provided to a an email address that is different to the one used during the original purchase?


A then-colleague of mine who introduced me to unRAID purchased the key for me and forwarded it on, so it's not attached to any account or email address that I own. I know the name and email address of my friend and could probably have an approximate date for when they purchased the key on my behalf, but is that sufficient? What would I do, just email the new GUID of my replacement flash and explain this situation? 😕🤔


I would like to take care of any verification/checks/clarifications now, if possible, to avoid the challenge later.

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Giving away keys from one user to another is not technically allowed allowed.  


Think of it this way.   Buddy buys a key then gives it to you.   Now he transfers the license he gave you to a new flash.   He's got his server and yours will get blacklisted.


Either way he has to contact support to change the email address associated with it from the registered email address.

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Oh, I totally agree! It's not ideal and I'd actually love if the license could be fully transferred over to me. It sounds like reaching out to him for a favour is my only way forwards...

Like I say, this is from a time when keys were shared like this:



Dear Customer,


Attached to this email is your second unRAID Server Pro registration key.  The USB Flash device to which this key is bound is: {my GUID}



I'll have to tell him to make sure he tells them he only wants to transfer the "second" key, as to not unregister his own server 😕




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I think if you have the .key file and you are the only user then you will probably be able to use the automated licence transfer system.    When you do so then a check is made that the old licence was not used elsewhere, the old flash drive gets blacklisted, and a new licence key file is issued for the new flash drive.


If not, then contact support and explaining the details is likely to resolve this issue.



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