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People seem quick to complain about many things on the Internet.  I try to buck that trend, and take time to acknowledge those things I find which are good.


I'm in the process of upgrading some drives in my array, replacing the remaining 8TB drives with the the cold spare 16TB on hand and moving the 16TB Parity drive to data.  I was looking to buy the same model WD/HGST drives, and ended up buying two 18TB drives.  Unfortunately, the only model in stock were the Pin 3/Power Disable model.  Not a big issue, as I have some Kapton tape in hand and know how to deal with this issue.


I opened up the box to put the new Parity drive in the server.  To my surprise, not only had the seller included cards explaining the issue of Power Disable drives and legacy hardware, the card includes a small strip of Kapton tape.  And they also included a SATA to SATA power adapter for each drive.  Totally unexpected by me.


So a shout out to - I have bought a number of reconditioned drives from them.  I have had no issues with any of them, the pricing was very competitive, shipping has been very fast, well packaged and free.  Being forward thinking (I'm sure it saves them some grief) with addressing this power disable feature and not telling customers "Too bad, not our problem..." is just the icing on the cake that compelled me to post this.


Kudos to them.

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