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  1. I guess as an extension of this, my parity drive is bigger (12TB) than the other drives (<10TB). When doing a parity, once it gets past the max size of the other disks, they end up shutting down but I think I saw it still continue the parity with just the parity drive for those last 2TB. I don't usually pay attention to parity so I haven't confirmed that is the absolute case but it seemed odd that it would waste the time rechecking the parity area that isn't protecting a data disk.
  2. This is what I have found, I guess the only relevant ones would be the improved routing and reduced overhead cost but I am unsure how that will translate into real life: Mostly I am trying to prepare for the future, eventually I may have to enable this stuff and I want to better understand what I need to do now to prepare for then.
  3. So I have been looking at enabling IPV6 for my network. My main concern is that you don't get the natural isolation we currently get with NAT and if my unraid is prepared for it. I have tried searching for tips/suggestions but no success, is there a particular set of steps to ensure that my unraid is secured against intrusion? (ie can someone access my gui/dockers remotely? do I need to disable telnet or change unraid password, etc).
  4. @SlrG Thanks! I have updated the original post back to the .cnf file.
  5. Right, but I am just wondering if there would be a way to set up like a master and a slave unraid servers. It would integrate it all under a single SMB share, or something similar.
  6. I am not sure how to make this work with Unraid, but Linus just talked about using GlusterFS to make multiple separate things show up as a single share.
  7. Not sure what you are trying to do, but here is a guide on how to set up a standardized docker that works well.
  8. This can't be right, I had a G2020 with those apps (emby instead of plex). I ran up to 2 transcodes at the same time without issues. The Ryzen 5 1600 is way more powerful....Could there be something else going on? something that causes pauses? Have you tried isolating the docker apps to only some of the cores and reserve a single core to always be open to handle unraid?
  9. Thanks. I didn't have issues with 6.6.6 and it ran for like 4 months. I went ahead an updated, I'm hoping it fixes it. Update 5/23/19: So far so good after update to 6.7.0. Update 6/1/19: Still working well though unsure what caused it in the end.
  10. Ok, this seems to be a recurring issue as my shares and whole system went haywire again just 1 day later. Attached is the new log.
  11. Hi, This isn't an active problem as a rebooted fixed the issue, but I was wondering if anyone can look thru the diagnostics file and let me know what caused my issue (in case something is about to fail, I can address it ahead of time). Edit: Its a recurring issue now, see post below. Version: 6.6.6 Dockers: Various (SAB, Sonarr, CP, headphones, emby, radarr, openvpn, musicbrainz, hydra, 7dtd game server, couple others). Description: I found that Sonarr Docker wasn't working. Restarting it gave me an "execution error". After investigating, the problem seemed much larg
  12. Edit: Nvm, this seems to be a symptom of a much larger problem. None of my shares are showing, restarting the array didnt fix it and it fails to load all dockers. Im taking this to normal unraid support. Edit2: Ended up restarting the system and that fixed it. It was weird, I hope this isn't a symptom of a larger issue. Guys, I checked today my calendar on Sonarr and it wouldn't load. I tried restarting the docker but I get an "execution error". Any idea? Checking the unraid log I find the following: May 18 10:14:09 unRAID kernel: docker0: port 9(vethba392
  13. Just to follow up on this, emulation flag has been enabled in Unraid (at least on version 6.6.6 that I am running now, not sure where it got changed) so we can now run dockers like this 7dtd server and other steamcmd servers. - For setup, I went into apps. Bottom left in settings I made sure to enable DockerHub. Went back to apps, did a search for "7dtd" (which reveals no results, but also a link to dockerhub). Once clicked on the link it shows me various versions of it, I used the one from didstopia. - This brings up the docker setup menu. I went to the dockerfile and looked up the
  14. I would like this as well. Seems to be a minuscule change that doesn't really add any additional support for 32bit, just removed a roadblock for dockers.
  15. Was it completely gone from the settings or was it listed and just not working correctly?