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Bad news from my web host


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apollo.atldns.com is down due to an apparent hard drive failure. We’re working to get it back online now, but recovering the data may take several hours.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


UPDATE: It appears that the old hard drive has completely failed.  We are reinstalling the system on a new hard drive.  We are investigating options for sending the old hard drive to a data recovery service.


My site is fooked for now, and the most recent full backup tarball is on a machine that will not boot after an XP update. sigh...


School started this week, I'm cutting calorie intake to counteract "The Summer of Colin" ;D, so I'm cranky from less food, we're trying to refinance the mortgage, etc.


Re: the host's drive, shouldn't they have had local backup image? Seems odd...

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I backup my website weekly. Then I rotate my backups so I have several months of them. Well I don't need several months of them, but its normally what I have until I get around to deleting them. ;)


I put this in my weekly cron via my go script.

cp /boot/scripts/backup_l4j /etc/cron.weekly/



Today="`date +%Y-%m-%d`"

cp -R /mnt/disk4/links4jeeps.com/public_html/ /mnt/disk4/links4jeeps.com/$Today-public_html

cd /mnt/disk4
wget -m -q ftp://username:[email protected]:21/public_html/


Nothing pretty and not super secure if somebody was to see what my machine is doing. However its saved my butt a few times and its what I roll with for now.

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Absolutely your web host is liable.  Assuming you are a paying customer, they owe you a duty of care to look after your data with a proper backup routine.  If they can't recover a backup, no amount of fine print in a contract will be considered "fair" and they are on the hook with unlimited liability. Period.


Of course, you have to prove and justify your financial loss to get compensation.


There are two types of disk users, those who have had a disk failure and those who are going to have a disk failure.


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