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[SOLVED] Share permission problem (looks like windows/sync issue)


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I'm running version 4.7 and have had my server for a couple of years now (ie. not a new installation)


I have 8 shares configured, but today when I went to access one on of them I couldn't get passed the top level share folder. All the subfolders under it would give me a permission error saying it was not accessible. The other 7 shares all work fine. It's been fine for many many months. I haven't upgraded anything either. The only thing I have done recently that I've never done before is use Scripted Shutdown option found in the unRAID-Web interface.


If anyone can point me in the right direction to resolve this I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you,




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I'll get you a recent syslog, but don't think that will help as it's going to be pretty much the same as the previous one.


Remember, when this happens, I can still access it from other machines. But not from my Windows 7 desktop. Also, I can access (read/write) the disk directly, just not the share.


BTW, just to confirm this is what I will run on each drive replacing /dev/sda1 for each drive?


reiserfsck --check /dev/sda1


Do I need to do anything special before doing this? Stop the array?

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Actually, it just happened again. It was fine (except I was getting a disk full error which it shouldn't), so I rebooted it and then it happened again.


I've attached the syslog from right after I started shutting it down for the 2nd time to try and fix the share access issue.


And I also doubled checked using my wife's computer which also runs Windows 7. It can access it fine. So obviously I'm suspecting something about my desktop, which while runs Windows 7, it is a bit different as it runs 64 bit. I'm going to restart my desktop now which usually fixes this issue.


Here's an interesting new symptom. I currently have the array stopped. All all computers, except mine, when I browse to the server, the only share I see is flash as expected. But on my desktop, I see flash and the TV Shows share that I keep having problems with. So the question is, how can Windows see a share that technically doesn't exist?


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This is not an unRAID problem. There is a problem with your Windows 7 client. Try running Windows repair.

Yup, that's the same thing I concluded. That last symptom (shares being listed that didn't exist) helped me do some different searches and came up with posts pointed towards MS offline file sync. I enabled it and went through some cleanup procedure yesterday and then disabled it. I'm waiting to see if it happens again, but I think this may have been the problem so should hopefully be fixed. I recall a long time ago messing with Sync Center for some project and I may have been testing with the TV Shows folder. Crossing fingers :)


Thanks again,


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