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[SOLVED] Trying to boot up Flash Drive...


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I formatted the drive as mentioned http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=UnRAID_Server_Version_5.0-beta_Release_Notes and http://lime-technology.com/support/unraid-server-installation


I had this up and running originally but I set the IP static and wanted to start fresh.  I did this by formatting the usb flash drive but it will not boot up now.  When I originally did this, it worked the first time, but I tweaked some settings and wasn't able to revert.  Anyone have any ideas?

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I did the 'Run as Admin' in windows 7 on that batch file but it just launched a command prompt with syslinux.exe -ma f:\ and told me to press any key to continue. I pressed a key and my command prompt disappeared. Doesn't the syslinux.exe -ma F:\ portion at least take a few moments to work? Either mine is instantly working or this part isn't working.


I'm at work right now so I'm trying to be as descriptive as possible

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I actually did this also.


Went to start, typed in command prompt, right clicked it and ran it as admin.  I typed that command (which is why I remembered it so well from the top of my head) and the same thing happened.  I know for the formatting it said to accept Windows defaults but when I want to format it (after having it already formatted), it defaults the file system to something else and the allocation is different than when I click the button to use windows default formatting.  I've clicked the button too.


I feel like something is missing and I'm pretty sure when I did this the first time that the syslinux.exe at least had a progress bar of some sort (but I don't remember too well).


I tried my original version 4.7 and also the newest beta version.  I also tried the latest 5.0b12 build.  I'm not sure why the 'stable' version 5.06a isn't the available for download...

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It's actually doing the same thing... it just sits at a black screen with an underscore blinking, no text.

Then it is not set as the boot device.


Sigh... sorry.  You are correct as well as the other person above... I didn't think my BIOS would change that since the OS is booting from the flash drive. Thanks... and sorry again.



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