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[SUPPORT] Orbital Sync

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Overview: Support for Docker image mattwebbio/orbital-sync which can synchronise a master pihole container on Unraid to a single or multiple slave pihole instance (either virtualised or physical on Raspberry PI).


Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/mattwebbio/orbital-sync

GitHub: https://github.com/mattwebbio/orbital-sync


No credit is taken for this excellent application, I spent days trying to find a nice solution without SSH/Rsync capability in the pihole container, this works perfectly as it connects to the admin interface, creates a backup using the inbuilt "teleporter" then imports the backup into the slaves.

You can also setup notifications if you want to be notified on success/failure.



This container will run when started, perform a synchronisation, then wait for x minutes (as specified by a container variable).

It will run every x minutes until stopped.


12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ➡️ Signing in to http://192.168.1.xxx/admin...
12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ✔️ Successfully signed in to http://192.168.1.xxx/admin!
12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ➡️ Downloading backup from http://192.168.1.xxx/admin...
12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ✔️ Backup from http://192.168.1.xxx/admin completed!
12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ➡️ Signing in to http://192.168.1.yyy/admin...
12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ✔️ Successfully signed in to http://192.168.1.yyy/admin!
12/9/2023, 11:12:20 PM: ➡️ Uploading backup to http://192.168.1.yyy/admin...
12/9/2023, 11:12:26 PM: ✔️ Backup uploaded to http://192.168.1.yyy/admin!
12/9/2023, 11:12:26 PM: ➡️ Updating gravity on http://192.168.1.yyy/admin...
12/9/2023, 11:12:28 PM: ✔️ Gravity updated on http://192.168.1.yyy/admin!
12/9/2023, 11:12:28 PM: ✔️ Success: 1/1 hosts synced.
12/9/2023, 11:12:28 PM: Waiting 30 minutes...



This container logs to stdout. To see the logs you will have to execute the docker logs command.

 docker logs OrbitalSync

or use the logs link from Unraid gui.

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On 12/14/2023 at 2:20 PM, Helmonder said:

Looks like exactly what I need... My piholes do not have passwords for the admin interface though... the setup will not allow me to not fill in a password. ?


I'm not sure if the actual script itself supports a blank password, but you can try clicking the edit button next to the password field and changing "required" to no


Then click save and you'll be able to continue with the field blank


If that doesn't work you can try clicking the remove button next to the password fields, then they won't be passed to the container at all

Let me know how you get on!

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Seems to work !


12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ➡️ Signing in to
12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ✔️ Successfully signed in to!
12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ➡️ Downloading backup from
12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ✔️ Backup from completed!
12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ➡️ Signing in to
12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ✔️ Successfully signed in to!
12/30/2023, 11:33:11 AM: ➡️ Uploading backup to
12/30/2023, 11:33:12 AM: ✔️ Backup uploaded to!
12/30/2023, 11:33:12 AM: ➡️ Updating gravity on
12/30/2023, 11:33:15 AM: ✔️ Gravity updated on!
12/30/2023, 11:33:15 AM: ✔️ Success: 1/1 hosts synced.

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