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  1. Ok, another question: Now that I have it running the log files looks good. When I browse to the http://IP:5000 I get a blank white page. Is that normal? * Starting nginx nginx ...done. frigate.app INFO : Creating tmpfs of size 256m Starting migrations peewee_migrate INFO : Starting migrations There is nothing to migrate peewee_migrate INFO : There is nothing to migrate frigate.mqtt INFO : MQTT connected detector.coral INFO : Starting detection process: 39 frigate.app INFO : Camera processor started for back: 42 frigate.app INFO : Capture p
  2. Resolved: I used the following to fix the issue: forcing it to use cpu detectors: # Required: name of the detector coral: # Required: type of the detector # Valid values are 'edgetpu' (requires device property below) and 'cpu'. type: cpu I am just starting with Frigate as a docker in Unraid. I created a bare bones config.yml and have worked through a few issues from google searches. I am running 6.9 stable It looks likes it trying to use coral , but I don't have one. I thought it would use CPU if it did not find a c
  3. First thank you for the docker BlueIRIS, does this need to go through install each time the docker is restarted?
  4. I have attempted to download OpenFLIXR_2.0_KVM_unRAID.img.zip from Stack, Dropbox (found a link) and torrent (no seeds) and I have tried Chrome, Edge, and IE 11. I can download the file most of the time, but I get a CRC header failed. Does anyone have any suggestion?
  5. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to download OpenFLIXR_2.0_KVM_unRaid.zip? I can't get it to download from there site.
  6. Here are the photos of my advanced auto setup and share on unraid
  7. Let me get home tonight. I just did this with Advanced and is working fine. I did have a lot of issues though, just can't remember what I did to fix it. I know I am using /cifs1 and had to create a share and I selected cache only (don't care about lose of logs at home). I think I selected default security too. Anyway... I will post screen shot when I get home tonight if the forum allows me. David
  8. Helllo, A little late to the game, but I guess better late than never. I am going to upgrade my Pentium 4 Unraid box with the following: CPU SR0KX INTEL XEON E5-2670 8 CORE 2.60GHz 64 GB Ram [url=http://ebay.to/1qwcnEW PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139083 Antec Nine Hundred V1 Case (I already owned it) And one of the two MB's below. (Are they basicaly the same?) Is one better? MBD-X9DRL-IF-B ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 I would like to try a few (3) VM's and my 16TB (all 4TB) drives and one SSD cache drive Thank you David
  9. Hello, What version of the unrar is included. It seems a lot slower than sabnzbd did and wanted to know if the latest unrar is included. I am also trying to find where the unrar is located within the docker file system without look as of yet. Any help would be much appreciated
  10. Hello, Thank you for your hard work on these plugins... I have been able to install several without any problems on Unraid 5.05. I installed Subsonic plg and configured my settings /paths. When I try to installed I get an failed MD5 checksum. I looked in the packages folder and found subsonic-.deb with 0kb. Of course that is wrong and thought I might try deleting it. After deletion I the file is added back when I click install, but continue to get 0kb file size and fail MD5. Any suggestions? Thank you again. David
  11. I have used GigaNews, Astraweb, and now Tweaknews. You need more thread connections with Tweaknews to get the same speed as AstraWeb or Giganews, but it is 100 times better in file retention. The money is about the same if you pay for 3 months at a time.
  12. Thanks for everyone's help. I have it up and running, although it is very slow to add releases. Could be my group settings with minimum number of files and size to make a release. I have ./newznab.sh start running from my crono_settings folder. How to you stop newznab process? kill - 9 and the pid?
  13. I have another question around the cron and nix scripts. I have use ./newznab.sh start in the cron_scripts folder. The group list (active only) displays the groups and the last time it updated. Looks fine, but I don't seem to get a lot of releases even with 50 day backfill. Do I run the newznab.sh in the "cron_scripts" folder or the nix folder? And how do I run it? Thanks for your help
  14. I have NewzNab running and use ./newznab.sh start to run every 10 min. My question is around mysql. On the admin home page I see a few errors listed around the my.conf file. It says it is stored in the /etc folder. Sadly I am a noob with Linux and not sure where this folder is located. BTW this thread has been a great help. Thank you for everyone suggestions. I found a comment in another thread where you copy the /etc/my.cnf file to /boot/config/plugins/mysql then edit the file there. The file my.cnf then gets copied to /etc folder on start.
  15. Resolved... by not using wordpad with windows, but using notepad++