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Mini ITX board?


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I cant see any incompatibilities but does anybody know if this will work? It ticks all my boxes, low power consumption, built in CPU so no messing around to get it in the case , 6x sata ports and mini itx form.




I have search and searched but can't find out what NIC it has onboard. Does anybody know what it is?


Also does anybody know if the PCIe is only for graphics or can it be used for an external NIC if needed?


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If you are looking for miniITX with 6 SATA ports in UK - take a good look here:




The whole system (capable of 5 x 3.5" plus one 2.5" HD) will cost you less than the motherboard you chose already. Unfortunately for us it is UK only deal...

You will gets goodies (low power high efficiency PSU, ECC memory) unavailable if you decide to go DIY path.

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