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Server locks up when trying to start array

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So recently my NVME SSDs started droping off line I was able to move most of my appdata off of it just fine and now that I have rebuilt my docker containers and now after a reboot it wont start the array.  After many reboots and testing things it shill wont mount.  I'm out of ideas.  Here is the diag file, I was not able to make one after a reboot if it tried to auto start.  I was able to boot into safe mode and make one.


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Zfs pool is crashing, see if it mounts in read only mode:


zpool import -o readonly=on newcache


If successful you can then start the array, the GUI will still show the pool unmountable, but the data will be under /mnt/newcache, you can then try to backup anything important and then reformat the pool.

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I got the array started.  I have backed up the data, and its doing a parity check.  It will take about a day and a half to complete.  After its done I'll remove the zfs pool since there is ether something wrong with my drives or the motherboard, like I said all 3 would just drop off randomly. Thank you so much for the help! I was at my wits end.

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